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Most companies recognize the effectiveness of utilizing different approaches or channels by which they can elevate the product awareness of the market. One of the customary means of executing this is through trade shows exhibits. Several trade shows in different industries are organized annually, like the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) and Consumer Electronic Show (CES) for the Technology sector, and companies look forward to such events. Exhibits are great venues for product launching since the consumers will be able to somehow gain an experience on the product.


Trade shows are usually graced by a great number of exhibitors or companies and a tantamount effort should be exerted in laying out a nice booth or floor design. Competing against numerous exhibitors for the most number of visitors would be the challenge. With that in mind, even the simple details in preparing the set should be considered such as the stand, table covers and lightings. The factor that bears the most attention to is the panel design since it provides the kind of ambience the exhibitor would want to convey. Another form of panel is table top displays that can be custom designed in accordance to the company’s emblem. These are used to give more emphasis and highlights on a particular product. Extra embellishments may also be added to bring more interest and attract more visitors to the booth. Such add ons that can be used are lightings, director’s chair and a media player. A nice and pleasant looking person in the booth is of course needed to bring more people.

With this in mind, can you sweep off a triumphant and productive trade show?


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