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Today, neobux introduces its long awaited Micro Exposure Advertisements.

I was delighted when I saw 4 additional advertisements.

Neobux Micro Ads

Each advertisement credited me with $0.001

Pretty sweet right?

In simple terms, this is beneficial for advertisers in the following ways:

  • Lower cost for advertisers
  • Minimum 5 second exposure time (after the site fully loads, as always)
  • Users are credited $0.001 per advertisement
  • Will only show the title and not the description

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Early this morning, I cashed out my second onBux payment.

I requested $3.31 and received $3.17 ($0.13 for cashout fees) on my paypal account.

onBux Payment Proof

I only have 11 direct referrals so far so I guess it's a pretty decent earning rate considering only 3-5 of my referrals here are active.

That's it for now.

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