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Thought only golden members can enjoy the benefits? Today neobux announced that in part of the celebration of its second anniversary, standard members will also have great discounts.

If you're a standard member like me, today is your lucky day!

Check out the photo below for more details:

Neobux News

Will you take advantage on the great discounts offered?



With all the recent video viruses (obama - clinton scandal, candid camera prank and distracting beach babes) that came out recently, the biggest social networking site (facebook) now faces a big deal against privacy issues to its users.

What happens is because users are inexperienced, the bad guys take advantage.

Check out this article from yahoo about the 7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook.

Sophos, an IT security firm conducted a new survey to 1588 users. A whopping 60 percent are considering leaving the social network while 16 percent already did due to insufficient control over their data.

Facebook Privacy

Senior Technology Consultant Graham Cluley of Sophos also wrote a blog post regarding this issue.

"A mass exodus from Facebook seems unlikely, but Facebook members are clearly getting more interested in knowing precisely who can view their data," wrote Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant, Sophos, in a blog post.

"With this survey showing that only 24% of users aren't thinking about quitting, Facebook will need to make sure further changes to the privacy policy are clear, concise and in the interest of making it easier for members to know exactly who has access to whatever they chose to upload."

My opinion on this is I think they should do a survey to more people. I mean, 1588 is nothing compared to the millions of facebook users around the world! I'd like to see results from those numbers.

Facebook also has to make noob-friendly tutorials on how to set their privacy because most users don't know how to set their privacy options safely, and find the process confusing.

What about you? What part of the percentage are you on?


Another video virus is lurking on facebook entitled Distracting Beach Babes [HQ] with a "[USER], this is hilarious! lol :P :P :P" caption and is 5:32 minutes long. This is similar to the recent Obama - Clinton Sex Scandal and Sexiest Video Ever video virus that spread on the biggest social network today.

Facebook Video Virus

If you encounter this, simply DON'T CLICK ON IT.

Immediately block the facebook application source to prevent others from clicking the link and get infected too.

Did you get a wall post like this on facebook today?


With over $20 million dollars paid to its users at the most efficient way possible. Reaching an additional $10 million dollar mark in a span of only 10 months (4 months difference than their first record), neobux never stops at being the best in the world of pay to click.

They have paid me 8 times already. Go check out my neobux payment proofs.

Right now neobux is offering a challenge to all its users to beat their record once again and hit a 6 month mark this time.

In addition, they're offering big discounts to thank the members for its success. Check the photo below for more details:

Neobux News

This came out 3 days ago. Sorry for the posting delay.

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Making money online is both confusing and hard. I started my venture online almost 2 years ago and these are some of the ways I've learned that are most effective on how to really earn money online.

Take note that most of my tips require such skills like building a website, creativity, and some marketing skills. If you don't possess these skills, you're unlikely to make money online so be sure to learn them before you go any further. Or you'll just end up quitting like everybody else. Trust me, many did.

You'll also need some inspiration, determination, lots of luck, a very very long patience.

Make Money Online Confusing

Bewildered? It's ok, that's normal. So let's proceed.

These are on ramdom order. Some may work for you, some may not. Just use trial and error method and figure out what works best for you.

  • Online Retailing - For me this is the best. If you have a product, go build a website! Sell online. It's that simple.

    If you don't have or want to build a website, you can sell on sites such as eBay or Amazon. Here in the philippines you can use Sulit.com.ph.

  • Offer Services - If you're good at something, you can get paid for your services. For example, if you can code HTML, Javascript, Design Logos, do some SEO, etc.

    In short you can find work here on the internet. For starters you can use a site called oDesk.

  • Affiliate Programs - If you have a website, you can use it to promote various affiliates. Using your affiliate link, you can sell website themes, online products, promote other websites, and get a revenue share for every successful purchase online.

  • GPT Programs - Get Paid To do stuffs. Get paid to click, tweet, read emails, upload files, answer surveys, etc. There are thousands of these but most of it are very time consuming though not to mention a lot are scam. So use at your own risk

  • Sponsored Reviews - If you have a website, you can use it to write sponsored posts. This is one of the major income streams of many bloggers.

  • Third Party Advertising - If you have a website, you can put third party ads such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, etc. Everytime a person clicks on those advertisements, you earn money.

  • Direct Advertising - This is a very good source of income online if you can get direct advertisers to place ads on your website for your desired price.

    Take note that both Third Party and Direct Advertising in order to really make money from it, needs a high traffic website.

  • Contests - Join contests online! This is ofcourse like shooting for the moon. Buy hey, who knows.. You might win big prizes right?

  • Scam People - Ofcourse there's the easy stuff! You can just scam people. Although I don't use this one, its indeed proven to some people. The only consequence is.. You're likely to go to hell. Not a big deal right? So go ahead!

Like I said earlier, these are just the ways I find most effective on how to really earn online.

How do you earn online? Do you know other ways? Share yours.


What is ReadBud?

ReadBud is a site where you get to read and rate articles that interest you and get paid for doing it.

Is ReadBud a scam?

According to my research, this site is legit. They're paying via paypal and has some positive feedback from its users. Here are some payment proofs I found to atleast remove your doubt on whether or not this site is a scam.

Note: These are not my payment proofs. I'll be posting mine when I accumulate and redeem my cash from them soon. For the meantime, this will be used as reference for you guys to know that it is indeed paying.

ReadBud Paypal Payment Proof 1

ReadBud Paypal Payment Proof 2

To help you understand better about how this site works read below:

What's in it for you as a READER?

Relevant articles are delivered to you daily. Not stuffs you don't want to read. Unlike other sites, you're rewarded for your time. Reading and getting paid at the same time.

You can also enjoy additional earning revenue for referring friends or other people. You can earn atleast $5 just by referring one user that successfully redeems his/her earnings on readbud too.

So if you refer a 1000 users, you're likely to receive as much as $5000!

Logic is pretty simple:

  • You spend a lot of time on the site to read articles that interest you.
  • ReadBud gets more pageviews and increases its ranking and value.
  • ReadBud gets more advertisers.
  • ReadBud pays its members.

= More money for ReadBud and its users. It's a WIN-WIN process.

What's in it for an ADVERTISER?

Unlike other Pay to Click programs that offer your website to be visited, you're advertisement is in the form of an article. These articles are then submitted to ReadBud and is delivered to users that interest your certain topic.

So you get quality advertisement because you get targeted users.

How long will it take me to reach minimum payout?

Once you reach $50 balance, you are automatically qualified to cashout your earnings.

I already earned $1.32 on my first day and it took me less than 10 minutes to read and rate the articles.

ReadBud Earnings

So my estimate is you can earn the $50 in just about a month by reading and rating.

I know $50 is not that much but surely ain't bad if you want additional online income right?

Take note that ReadBud has an affiliate program too to help you increase your revenue. The more you refer people, the more your earnings!

I encountered this money making site only yesterday and thought it would be nice to share it with you guys.

If you feel this review helped you in any way, feel free to join via my affliate link as a sign of gratitude. Just click the link below to join:
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Today I received an email from LinkWorth warning its members to avoid this so called phishing scam.

Fake LinkWorth Phishing Email

I'm not using this kind of service on my blog mainly because I'm not a fan of text advertisements that come out when you hover on a certain double-underlined keyword.

But if you want to earn additional revenue from them, you're free to join.


Oh boy! Here we go again.. Tsk! My other blog technochase is hacked once again.. Not once, not twice.. But THRICE! When will this end?!

This time this source script appeared:


TechnoChase Hacked 3rd Time

Hackers, when will you start getting a life? Your skills are all just put to waste! All you do is annoy people! I pity all of you!

According to some sources, this just came out. So far, the only verified reports of websites attacked with this issue are hosted at GoDaddy only (myself included).

Correspondence from GoDaddy's Information Security Operations team said that they are aware and working on this issue. They will be providing a statement very soon to give you an update.


Now that you know how to get listed on major SEOs such as google, bing and yahoo, it is important that their seo bots can navigate smoothly on all of your pages.

How do you do this?

  • Make your site accessible not only for SEO bots, but also for regular users.

  • Make your site mobile friendly.

  • Code images with concise "alt" texts to help SEO bots understand what your images are.

  • Make your page TITLES and DESCRIPTIONS very brief.

  • Avoid duplicate content.

Bottomline is your site should be USER-FRIENDLY!

For a more detailed explanation, watch the video below:


Are you tired of frequently deleting unwanted facebook application posts on your wall? Instead of deleting them one by one, just block the application source.

Yesterday I got a lot of search queries regarding the Candid Camera Prank issue on facebook and are asking on how to block such applications.

I'll give a short and concise tutorial on how to finally oppose such malicious applications.

First, find the certain wall post spam on your profile.

Block Facebook Application Step 1

Click on the application source icon.

Block Facebook Application Step 2

Upon clicking that icon, it'll take you to the application page.

Block Facebook Application Step 3

Click the "Block Application" button.

Block Facebook Application Step 4

Confirm that you indeed want to block the certain application.

Block Facebook Application Step 5

Congratulations! You have successfully blocked the application!

Block Facebook Application Step 6

Don't forget to take time to write a review about your experience or thoughts about that application on why you blocked them to help other facebook users know more about it. Just click the "Reviews" tab and compose your review.

Block Facebook Application Step 7

I've also learned that some applications just get reapplied, so it's best to check your facebook wall from time to time for unwanted posts and just block them again to keep your wall clean and spam free.


Today I got another spam posted on my facebook wall that is similar to the Barack Obama - Hillary Clinton Scandal which recently went viral over the internet because it had a virus enclosed with it.

Ofcourse I did not bother to click on the link simply because it looks suspicious. With a little research, I learned that this is no different.

Facebook Spam Video Virus

The video was entitled, "Candid Camera Prank [HQ]" with a personal message that says, "(USER), this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P :P :P" with a length of 3:17 minutes long.

If you do encounter this, immediately delete the wall post and block the application to avoid your friends from being infected by the virus.

I also got a couple of app sources for this video. One from WinAmp and the other one from K-Multimedia. I'm sensing that these two we're not just the only ones used.

What about you, did you encounter this on facebook?


If you're doing paid postings, beware of this one. BLOGADVERTISINGSTORE or formerly known as PAYINGPOST is a certified scam site!

They owe me $106 and is unlikely to reply to any of my messages and worse is even pay me.

Here is one of my messages sent to them. I was actually threatening them if they won't pay me.

BlogAdvertisingStore Contact Threat

I gave them enough time to pay its members including me before posting this. But this can't go any longer.

At first they promised to pay me by the end of November 2009 then it moved to december, then the months past 'til march came and I saw this:

BlogAdvertisingStore Payment Proof Scam

By that time I thought I was gonna be paid but no! It was moved again! And then I saw this one:

BlogAdvertisingStore Payment Proof Scam

Here's my list of posts to prove on how I earned the money from them:

BlogAdvertisingStore Posts Proof

The scheduled payment was moved to May 1, 2010! And until now, I haven't received a single centavo from them! Can you imagine? So if you're doing paid postings, make sure you don't join them. Or you'll end up being sorry!



Friendster launches its newest addition, Games.

I personally think that the games are not bad. Although not as popular as before, friendster struggles very hard to reclaim their glory against other social medias. This addition might help boost their current rankings as you have more reason to hang out with them!

As friendster would like to say:

Take your gaming to the next level with Friendster Games.

Just like facebook games, Friendster Games runs right in your browser. No downloads needed and they are FREE for life!

What's more cool is they are giving away a free Apple iPad! All you need to do is to play Boomz or War2.

Win an iPad - Friendster Games

Contest runs from May 7 to June 3, 2010 and is open to all its members in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia only.

To give you an idea if playing friendster games is worth it, check out the videos below:

WAR2 is a casual MMO web-based game that will bring players way back to the era of the Second World War. Players will act as a military commander, occupy a city, survive and develop during the war. Ultimately, the player's goal is to establish stable and powerful forces. Players will establish urban management, production, research and trading system, and use the military or diplomatic means to interact with other players.

BOOMZ is a cute casual web-based MMOG which does not require any downloads or installation. Simply logon to the web site and start playing the game. BoomZ has enchanting images, fairy tale scenes and fashionable costumes ?which would easily attract female gamers. Its magnificent special effects, skill challenges and interesting gadget system makes it a popular game amongst the male gamers.

Do you think you'd play these games and win the ipad?


Since my other blog got hacked almost a week ago, I was very anxious that it can happen again anytime soon.

And it did! Fucking hackers!

They infected my database and inserted this malicious code on my footer:


Malicious Script Code

Unlike last time that took me 7 hours to fix, this only took me 20 minutes to fix everything. Pretty fancy huh?

But this is very alarming because after I restored everything when I first got hacked, I also managed to replace all my passwords to atleast prevent my blog from being hacked again. But somehow the hackers still managed to do so..

Jeez! GoDaddy, please fix your system! Good thing I always check my site regularly for malicious codes! It's like a phobia! What if I don't then?!

And for the hackers, I dare you to hack me again! Your skills are useless! FUCK ALL OF YOU!


Today neobux had a firewall issue that prevented many users from accessing their account. Check out the forum topic here.

Neobux News

Some members we're really worried that something bad was happening to their account and got really frustrated.

Luckily I didn't experienced this earlier and that everything is fixed now.

What about you, did you experience the downtime?


While awaiting for the final and official results of the recently concluded May 2010 Philippine Elections, I want to share this video of Former Philippine President Joseph Ejercito Estrada that is going viral over the internet for not filling out the vice presidential slot on his ballot.

Did ERAP really junk his running mate Jejomar Binay? He's saying he just overlooked it.

Watch the video below:

In my opinion, its very unbelievable that he forgot because Jejomar Binay is number 1 on the ballot list. I'm saying!

What do you think?


While I was about to tweet something on twitter, I noticed that my following and followers count are both 0 (zero). I don't know what went wrong but I checked on other users and they were the same on numbers. According to some, this incident was labled as the "apocalypse". I got reports that twitter is now fixing this.

Here's a screenshot of my account:

Twitter Hacked

It turns out that I'm no longer popular. LOL!

The weird thing is even though it's zero in number, I'm still getting updates from the people that I'm following.

What about you guys?

I logged in this morning and twitter seems to be back to normal now.


Today we are making history here in the philippines as we await who will will the first ever automated philippine elections 2010.

Election 2010

The entire day, all people talk about is today's elections. I just hope that whoever wins are the adequate ones and will do the job right.

So fellow filipinos, let get ready for history!


This is a complete list of the upcoming holidays due to the 2010 Philippine Elections starting on May 10.

  • May 10 - Monday - Election Day
  • May 11 - Tuesday - Failure of Elections
  • May 12 - Wednesday - Protest Rally
  • May 13 - Thursday - People Power
  • May 14 - Friday - Martial Law
  • May 15-16 - Saturday and Sunday - Happy Weekend!

I got this from one of my friends on facebook and thought it would be a great idea to share it with my fellow filipinos and have a great laugh.

I got your hopes a little high didn't I? Hahaha! Don't get mad at me now.

But kidding aside, tomorrow is election day. The first time that philippines will undergo an automated system voting. Be sure to follow the guidelines and ofcourse..

Vote Wisely


Yesterday my other blog technochase was hacked. I was very frustrated and scared at the same time because this was my first time encountering this kind of problem. Considering that I have an up-to-date version of everything plus I have very very secured passwords and yet this happened. This was one of my biggest fears and in fact very anxious about it thinking "What if I was hacked? What will I do when that time comes?" Well that day finally came..


A hacker basically injected a deadly malware on my site. That certain blog of mine runs on a wordpress platform unlike this blog that runs on blogger.

What happens is when someone tries to view my site, it redirects the user to a website telling him that the computer is badly infected with a virus and then a pop up will appear forcing you to download the certain file and install it on your computer.

So what did I do?

I remained CALM.

That's right, I calmed down.. I realized panicking won't do anything. I focused on one thing, and that is to set my mind that I know this'll be fixed. I can fix this!

Realizing that godaddy has a very crappy support, I just started researching on my own. I browsed about similar hack issues and found out that I was not alone. Many other blogs were hacked that day aswell. At first I thought this is about another godaddy issue, but I later found out that many other hosting sites got targetted by the hacker too.

One of the advises I got from reading help support forums concerning this issue is to simply clean everything. I was like, "WTF?! Everything?! I still got lots of things to do! I can't do this now!" But if I don't, my rankings would be at stake. Jeez! So I had no choice but to have some coffee ready because I'd be on nocturnal mode once again. It's operation site cleaning time!

When I tried viewing my source code, I found a malicious script on my footer originating from this site:


Not only that, all my files got infected too and a very long code was present on all my theme templates and plugins that looks like this at the beginning:


So what now? How can I delete these codes? I can manually delete them one by one but it'll take me forever! But I didn't gave up.. After almost 7 hours of research, I was almost ready to delete my entire database when I learned about godaddy's lifesaver feature.


What it does is it restores your files from a certain point of time.

So to cut the long story short, I just reverted everything back from May 6, 2010 back when my blog wasn't hacked yet. Voila! Everything was fixed! I was like, "Is that all you got hacker?! Noob!" Haha!

To find out more about that tutorial, click here.

I hope fellow godaddy users who got hacked can do the same thing I did to help you save a lot of time. This solved my problem for now. But I don't know if the hacker will attack again.

Were you hacked too? Share your experience.


Yahoo recently launched a new ad campaign ($75-$85 million ad campaign (a subset of the $100 million campaign CEO Carol Bartz launched last year) telling people that they got all you need on a homepage.

The slogan goes:

“Your favorite stuff all in one place. Make Yahoo your home page.”

YahooPersonally I think that the video does its job just fine, but the site does not. After the user opens the window, there you'll see a blank page where you can't figure out where your eyes should go. Typically too much to see, nothing to look at.

Plus I think someone should inform yahoo that google has a nice feature called iGoogle. You can customize the look and feel of your homepage the way you want it. The best thing is, it doesn't have advertisements!

I think the reason why google's homepage is a success is because of its clean and uncluttered interface. Users get what they want when they search something and not some rubbish that other search engines return.

But I'm not closing my doors on yahoo. They are working more and more to improve their system and reclaim the top spot. After all, it is one of the big SEOs in the business and is definitely an advantage to have your website listed on its search.

What about you guys, what is your homepage? What do you think of yahoo's new ad campaign? Will it be a success?


Eversince I wrote the article about the controversial Barack Obama - Hillary Clinton Scandal, I've been getting a lot of emails on how to remove this malicious koobface virus that originated from facebook.

Obama - Clinton Scandal

Basically I will just give you simple tips. Prevention is still better than cure.

If you see this application lurking on your wall, delete it right away to prevent other people specially your friends on clicking it and get infected too.

If you did click the application, normally facebook's security will ask a permission on whether or not you'd like that certain app to gain access to your account. Deny it at once. That message should've given you a hint right away that the app should not be trusted because it is asking to gather sensitive information. That alone is enough reason why!

If ever you do get infected by the virus, block the application and report it.

Lastly, get a premium anti-virus (don't go for free ones as they won't do the job right) and scan all your system.

Bottomline is be careful on clicking facebook applications on your wall. Not because it is recommended by a trusted friend and it is labeled as "Scandal" it means you'll have to click on it right away to satisfy your curiosity.

This applies not only for facebook, but to other social networking sites aswell.

What about you? What did you do when you encountered this?


Today I was surprised to see one of my affliate banners (neobux specifically) changed appearance.

Neobux Banner Transition

At first I thought it was because I was hosting my images on google sites and that it received such penalty because the message on the banner says "Paid-to-Click Service" and had an X mark logo on it.

But I then realized that I didn't host the specific neobux banner there and that I used the one that neobux provided. So I began to think something is going on so I just visited the website to answer my curiosity.

Then this is what I saw..

Neobux New Homepage

Pretty fancy huh?

I tried logging in this morning and saw numerous improvements! It even welcomed me with a personal message! LOL!

Neobux Welcome Message

So what do I think about it? Personally I'm loving the new user interface. However I'm not liking the new banners because I think it does not somehow blend with its niche. Overall the site is a thumbs up for me!

This just proves how neobux is seriously improving its services for their memebers to enjoy!

If you're still not a member of this ptc, click the banner below:

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