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Early this morning I cashed out my 8th payment proof from neobux.

Neobux 8th Payment Proof

What a way to start the morning right? I requested $11.03 less than the deduction fee of $0.22 withdrawal fee. That's why I received $10.81 straight to my paypal account. Still my transaction was made almost instantly!

I already earned almost $70 all in all from this wonderful ptc site.

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Yesterday I received an odd email from nokia.

Read the email:

Nokia Email Scam

Before I got all excited, I did some research and found out that it's a scam. This is very alarming because scammers nowadays can cloak email addresses faking it to look like it's from a legit website like nokia.

Jeez! Scammers are all over the internet! I hope they all rot in hell!

Have you received emails similar to what I just received?


On my previous articles, I've taught you guys on how to get your website indexed on google and bing. Now I'm going to teach you on how to get listed on yahoo.

Yahoo Homepage

You can submit your site manually and ofcourse for free. You will just need a yahoo account. If you don't have a yahoo account, you can create one for free.

If you already have one, you can proceed by clicking the link below:

Submit your website on yahoo.

Click on the "Submit a Website or Webpage" dropdown and enter the url you'd like to submit.

You will then be redirected on the yahoo account login page.

Enter your account details.

Voila! Your site is now submitted for approval.

Yahoo Submit URL Success

Yahoo is another great source of search traffic so getting inside its list is definitely a must! Hope that helps!


Previously, I made an article on how to get your site indexed on google. Now I'll teach you how to submit your website on one of google's greatest search competitor. The Microsoft Bing search engine!

Bing Homepage

Just like from other search engines, you can grab tons of traffic from bing. Getting your site indexed here is a must plus it's very easy to do!

So how do you get your site listed on bing? You can submit it manually or you can upload an xml file using bing webmaster center. Just provide the needed information and you're all set.

Usually it takes 3 weeks or more to get bing bots crawl your website after submission so just be patient.

Would you consider getting your site inside bing's search directory?


Today I'm going to start on posting about basic search engine tips.

Some of the pro bloggers visiting my site regularly may already know this, so don't get too harsh on me because a lot of people especially the new ones still doesn't.

Thumb Up

To start off, this is about site indexing. Site indexing is very important because you can get a lot of traffic through search.

As you all know, google is the biggest among all of them. So how do you get the big dog to find your site? In order to get your site listed on google search, you can either submit it manually or upload an xml sitemap using webmaster tools.

Watch the video below to learn more:


Share a Pic is a site where you can upload and share your images online. What's great about this site is they pay you for every pageview your images gets.

Share a Pic

Share a Pic is also a great combination with bidvertiser because you can integrate it to show bidvertiser ads on all your uploaded images.

Share a Pic + Bidvertiser = More revenues $$$

Also when you refer other users, share a pic pays you 10% of whatever your referred user earns! So the more people you refer, the more earnings!

I am currently using it for my online payment proof images and is giving me decent revenue from pageviews.

So instead of uploading your pictures on other image hosting sites that doesn't give you anything in return, why not upload on share a pic and you'll be paid at the same time! Isn't that awesome?

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Today I received a wall post on facebook from one of my friends that appears to be a video entitled "Barack Obama Hillary Clinton - Sex Scandal".

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton - Sex Scandal - Facebook

I thought that it was a trusted link and my friend really wanted to share it to me so I clicked on the link anyway. After that, I noticed a very suspicious request and is asking for my permission. So I didn't bothered to continue because I am very much against those kind of security thingy.

This is very alarming because it comes with a personalized message containing your name plus the request that you should check it out. To think that this is one of the top websites in the world!

I did some research and found out that this facebook app contains a virus that SPAMS YOUR FRIENDS. It sends messages to your contacts without you knowing about it.. Unlike the other apps that ask permissions first, this one doesn't.

Many members including myself already reported this. Beware of clicking apps because this is not the end of scam sites like this.

Did you encounter this scam page on facebook too?


I remembered when google banned my adsense account last year.. It's like my whole blogging dream collapsed!


Luckily I did my research and learned that there are a lot of third party ads that will help you earn money online aside from adsense. Today I'll start out with BIDVERTISER.

For publishers like me, we can make money online by adding the BidVertiser ads to our site or blog and get paid for clicks.

You can also join the referral program and refer other publishers and advertisers aswell and get paid for a certain commission.

Check out this overview:

Bidvertiser Overview

This has paid me already on paypal. Check out my 1st payment proof from bidvertiser.

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The reason why I haven't posted this is simply because I WAS TOO LAZY TO POST IT! Haha! I still have lots of payment proofs online that I haven't yet posted for the same lame reason. Anyways I have realized that I need to post it in order for you guys to know that neobux HAS and is still continuing to pay me. I'll be posting more payment proofs on the coming days so stay tuned.

Here is my 6th payment proof:

Neobux 6th Payment Proof

I cashed out this payment last year on Oct. 20, 2009 and is worth $20.33 and was paid almost instantly. This is my biggest payment from neobux to date.

Here is my 7th payment proof:

Neobux 7th Payment Proof

This payment is smaller than the one above because I needed to pay something very urgent online and I noticed that I am eligible to cash it out. Back then this was the only thing that could help me pay it right away so thank you neobux! I cashed this out on January 12, 2010 and is worth $8.02 and ofcourse was paid almost instantly too.

Also check out my previous payment proofs from neobux.

This site has already paid me more than $60! If you're still not a member, click the banner below and you too can earn online!



myLot User Profile

I remember joining this site last year, can't remember the exact date though. I really didn't paid attention on this site until I saw big payment proofs from fellow bloggers. So now I am writing this post about an online forum paying its members. Another sure way to earn money online!

MyLot is a site that pays you to write about stuffs that interest you, commenting on other threads, or simply just by participating on discussions. Actually, that's just some of the things you can do on their site. The rest is for you to explore. They have lots of activities happening on the site including games, contests, etc.

Becoming a member is easy and ofcourse FREE! Just click the banner below and register:

myLot Banner

Earnings are paid via paypal. So if you don't have one, you should create one now to enjoy your earnings.

Register on Paypal.

If you have more questions, check out their FAQs page to answer your queries.

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This post is very simple. Get paid to upload files on the internet!

Earn Money with Hotfile

Earn money while uploading and sharing your files with your friends.

Do you have something to share with the world? An E-book, Software, Wallpapers, Music, or Movies perhaps. Upload them to hotfile! Whenever someone downloads your uploads, hotfile pays you! It's that easy! The more you upload, the more earnings!

To give you an overview, check out their earnings table:

Earnings Table

If you don't like to upload, then becoming an affiliate is an alternative for you.

Hotfile Affiliate

Click the link below to join and start uploading and start earning!
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Today I am deleting all the other ptc sites that I'm currently clicking aside from neobux. Mainly because I don't have time to click on other sites anymore and most of them tend to become scam sites anyways. I am now concentrating on blogging and our family business. So I need to stop all other time-consuming stuffs in order to do what I need to do.

Delete Key

The one I will retain is the one standing strong amongst all and has proven itself to the world that they are paying. You can check out my neobux payment proofs if you're still doubting. I make a complete guide on how to earn on this ptc site including a filipino version. Stay tuned!

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Although it's not official yet, some bloggers (including myself) did noticed a change on their website PR/Pagerank bar. April 3rd on the US and April 4th here in the philippines. I've checked all of my sites to make sure and only 2 changed in ranking and the others didn't including my PR 4 blog.

Google Pagerank Update

A PR 0 blog of mine with only 15 posts got a PR 2 and my other blog that has a PR of 2 got an N/A. Although the said update is on going from March 31st to April 31st, I'm still keeping my hopes up. I'll still be checking on the days to come.

If the update did really happened today, then this blog successfully retained its PR 2 status.

Page Rank Check

How about you guys? Did you noticed a change on your pagerank aswell? Did it increased or decreased? Try this tool to check yours.


The time of the year has come once again! April Fools Day 2010! Neobux this year has it's own prank on it's members. Unlike last year's prank, this one really seemed believable.

After logging in to my account, I directly went to view my available advertisements to click.

Neobux April Fools 2010

I noticed that aside from my regular 4 advertisements per day as a standard member, there is a special one available to click.

The ad description says,

Earn $1000 instantly!
This offer is only valid for the first users that view this advertisement correctly!

Wow! Catchy isn't it? So I immediately clicked on it and the anti-bot clicker red dot button appeared to confirm I am a human being.

Neobux April Fools 2010

After clicking the red button, instead of opening a new tab on my browser.. a smiley appeared. Yes, it's a smiley! At first I thought it was kinda cute so I just clicked on it and thought maybe it'll open the advertisement this time so I could get my $1000 cash.

Neobux April Fools 2010

But everytime I tried hovering my mouse pointer on it, it quickly changes its position!
It actually evades efficiently my mouse pointer!

I then realized that neobux was only pranking since it is after all april fools. After a few seconds of numerous attempting and not being able to click that certain advert, the smiley laughed! As if it was making fun of me! Geeez!

Neobux April Fools 2010

So I just clicked the other ads instead.

While clicking the others, I noticed that the smiley even got bored mainly because I wasn't able to click it.

Neobux April Fools 2010

Way to go neobux! I'm wondering what you have in store next year.. If you're still around that is. Haha! Just kiddin'!

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Fourth commenter gets $100 cash! Third commenter gets $250 cash! Second commenter gets $500 cash! And the first commenter gets the grand prize, $1000 cash! Hurry! Comment now! What are you waiting for? What? What's that, you realized something? That there is something special about this day? Oh.. Yeah! That's right! You've been pranked! Bwahaha! Today is April 1st, 2010! APRIL FOOLS DAY! I got you pretty much excited didn't I? Well, sorry to disappoint you guys. I'm not really giving away paypal cash. Who knows, maybe in the near future I might.. So stay tuned for that.

I wanna greet you guys a HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!

April Fools Day

Also take note that the holy week is taking part aswell. Let's give time to reflect, repent, and realize how lucky we are breathing the air in this wonderful world instead of booking vacations! Ouch!

Don't get pranked again today! This one is enough. LOL!

Be safe everyone!

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