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This is my official entry for Sulit.com.ph's Banner Making Contest to Win an Apple iMac (and Other Cool Gadgets).

Adobe Photoshop

For this tutorial, I will be using Adobe Photoshop mainly because it is one of the most used software for creating/editing web banners. So assuming that you have this program installed, you can follow along with me. You can also use other Adobe Programs, Corel Products, or even Paint.

We'll be creating a simple web full banner (468x60) using Sulit.com.ph as an example.

Sulit Full Banner

Sulit.com.ph is the leading buy and sell website in the Philippines. Post advertisements or find great deals at Sulit.com.ph.

Celebrate Sulit.com.ph 4th Anniversary! Join the Sulit Banner Making Contest for July and get a chance to win cool gadgets from Sulit.com.ph, Blackberryzuela.com, and GadgetGrocery. com!

Making a web banner is fun and easy. Just let your creative juice flowing and everything else will follow.

"No great thing is created suddenly."

Just take your time planning and creating it. Remember to always practice!

Now let's get started with gathering what you need!

  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • People

Logo - You're banner needs to have a recognizable and distinctive graphic mark or emblem. Must be atleast Web 2.0 compliant. This will aim to promote instant public recognition.

Tagline - You need to have a marketing/branding term; a few words – a phrase or sentence – associated with your brand name (either company or product/service name or even your blog name). A tagline should be brief, evocative and should imply what you do and/or what you stand for.

People - Lastly you'll need people for brainstorming. This can be officemates or simply friends. Ask for opinions on whether your design suits their liking.

All set? Let's begin!

(click on the images below to open in a new tab and view them larger)

Banner Tutorial 1

A great start is to create your banner's background. You can use simple colors such as white or black. I used a gradient (color green to black; matching sulit.com.ph's green theme).

Banner Tutorial 2

Next, key in your tagline. Make this visible as this will be your main invitation to users.

Banner Tutorial 3

Add a simple description to give users a little information on what your ad is about. Make it short and straight to the point.

Banner Tutorial 4

Optional: Add a button encouraging users to go sign up/visit your website for further information.

Banner Tutorial 5

And of course, what would a banner be without a logo!

Now that your banner is complete, you can now save and upload it for the web.

Congratulations, you have created your banner!

Bottomline: When creating an effective banner, you have to remember to always be concise with the content and don't put too much heavy graphics. Don't use misleading texts or graphics as this will lead to major disappointment on the user part. This will likely give your website a high bounce rate. After all, it's not always about the design. It's being transparent. What you want is quality click-throughs converting them to customers.

If this article has helped you in any way, feel free to link to it.

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Blackberry Curve 8520

Want that sweet phone? Write an article now! That's all you have to do! Don't forget to include my banner inside your post! Grab it below:

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Sulit Full Banner (468x60)
Grab Banner 1

Once you've published it, kindly send me an email to bogcess@gmail.com with the url of your post so that I can submit to sulit.com.ph that you are one of my viral posters. Thanks to those who'll help me!

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