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Link Exchange Anyone?

Recently, I finished re-working this blog. One of the main things I managed to fix are my Link Exchange pages. Removed all the clutter (non-linking blogs) on this site.

I want to rebuild a great list of active bloggers who value the community of this wonderful medium; the blogosphere.

So if you want to be listed on my list, feel free to contact me. Just remember to follow my guidelines as this will be a daily updated list.

Click the link below for more details:
E-Pera's Link Exchange Page


Another quick blog post!

Yesterday afternoon, I cashed out $28.23 (minus $0.55 of fees) from neobux. I received $27.68 straight in to my paypal account.

Neobux Payment Proof

It's great having extra cash on neobux!

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Quick blog post! Tonight, I just cashed out my first onBux payment. I requested $2.26 and got $2.19 ($0.07 deduction for payment purposes) straight to my paypal account.


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