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Bakit ka nga ba babayaran ng mga PTC Sites for simply viewing an advertisement?


Advertisers need low cost advertising and they are willing to pay for the visitors.

Advertisers pay the PTC for visitors.

And the PTC Pays its members for viewing the advertisements.

Advertisers pay a website to guarantee them warm bodies to view their advertisements.
Just like search engine can be paid so when you input a product or service, the paid advertisement always comes up at the top of the page and is sometimes highlighted.
This is all well and good, but the problem herein is that the customer must be LOOKING for that particular item or service for paid advertising to work.

Introducing Paid To Click or PTC advertising. Here, an advertiser pays a website to advertise for them, usually 2¢ per hit or page view.
The PTC website lures a potential customer or viewer into becoming a member by promising to pay them usually 1¢ per view and a referral for getting others to do the same.

It becomes the best of both worlds as th advertiser gets a warm body to view their ad and the clicker or viewer gets paid to view the ad.
So where does all this money go and who gets it?
Eventually, a customer will buy the service or product which in turn may pay a commission and it keeps the whole cycle going.


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