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As much as i want to help you build your own website, di ko magagawa kasi marami rin akong priorities sa buhay.
I am still also in the process of learning new things kasi medyo bago palang ako sa ganitong business at minamaximize ko ang lahat ng time ko para mag-aral ng iba-ibang bagay to increase my knowledge regarding these kinds of stuffs.
I am a blogger, a self-studying person, a person addicted to playing Warcraft DOTA (at malakas ito kumain ng oras. haha!), member pa 'ko ng choir, and some other personal stuffs. Kaya kulang pa time ko.

Pero wag mag-alala, i'll still try to help tulad sa mga small things.
You can email me for questions or we can chat on my chatbox pag online ako.
You can even send me comments, reactions, and hopefully not violent reactions.
Hehe! These can help me improve my site.

For now ang pwede kong masuggest sa inyo ay...
Pwede kang gumawa ng free blog na katulad nito sa Blogger or sa Wordpress.
Pwede ka ring gumawa ng free website sa webs.com or sa weebly.com.
You can make a site even if you don't have HTML Skills.

By the way, if you really want to learn basic html, visit this website:
I also started from her tutorial. It's easy and even kids can follow.

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dhys said... @ November 10, 2009 at 10:14 PM

I read this article, and I learned a lot!
Thanks, nagsubscribe n rin aq ng blog mo.
God bless!!

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