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Today, I received an e-mail from BuxP.

Here is what it said:

"Hello everyone! Another month has passed and we are approaching our 1 year existence :)

***New Features Coming Up!***
We have made some budget available for new features in BuxP. We are working on a total makeover of our "Shopping" Page, where you will be able to put our products in your shopping cart and pay for multiple items in the same time with nice discounts. You may also expect a new Lottery system! More information about this soon.

***Verify your payment account!***
As told before, you should now be verified in paypal or alertpay in order to get paid by BuxP. Verification process is easy on both payment processors, and we highly recommend you looking into it. Payment requests that do not have a verified account, will be on hold. You will receive a mail. Once you are verified, you will get paid immediately uppon your paste payment request. (So you will not need to request again)

-Thank you for warning us about the framebraker ads on our website. We have checked and removed those.
-Premium payments are still a few (2-3) days behind schedule, this will be so for about 2 more weeks.
-If you want to make more money on BuxP, you should check out our Promote Ads and Browse Offers page!
-Take in mind that most of the advertisements on BuxP are paid advertisements by returning advertisers! Please take some time to read their description and website. Happy Advertisers = More Ads = More Money for YOU!

***February+March Advertising Offer***
Purchase 2500 Member Visits for $18 and Receive 3000 Member Visits + a FREE 1 year subscription of your website on our Premium Directory Fairu.com! Just use Coupon BUXPFAIRU and a valid email address when purchasing an advertisement, and we will contact you!"

I'm a member of BuxP but stopped clicking.

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