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Today, I received my 1st payment from KingsClicker!
At first, I really doubted this PTC site because of the fancy banner and unusual script it had.
Thinking to myself that its just another scam site. But it prove me wrong!
Aside from Neobux, i thought no other PTC site can match neobux when it comes to INSTANT PAYMENT.
But guess what? Upon request, i was thinking that going to the history page would just disappoint me for seeing another "Pending" note. I was surprised when I checked the current status of my request, saw "Payment Sent" and immediately checked my mail and logged in to my AlertPay account and there it was!
$1.01 straight into my alertpay account!

With only a minimum of $1 cashout and an INSTANT PAYMENT method, what more can you ask for?
I guess sometimes first impressions are wrong. Hehe!

So what are you waiting for?
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