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Today, I changed some of my blog's most visually seen portions.
Changing this was quite hard 'coz many of my readers, and I myself have been used to its old look.
But in the world of competitive blogging, I have to find a way to stand out.
The logo was created by an online friend, Marsh Keysavan.
He really did create a unique logo.
Thanks marsh!
Also, I changed my icon logo located at the tab portion of the browser.
Pretty cool huh?
I even managed to create a more professional Entrecard Banner.

With my rankings going up each day, I know I'm ready to face new challenges ahead.

Earning money online has never been this fun!

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L The Lionheart said... @ February 19, 2009 at 2:33 PM


I'm done addin' your link. Plis cek again...

UNHI Commmunity

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