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- is a blog/feed search engine. One of the site’s taglines reads: “Searching the World Live Web”. Emphasis on LIVE. Enter an item to search for, and the Technorati engine will bring up the most recent blog/news posts on the topic. They also offer “Technorati This”. “Technorati This” is a bookmarklet. This allows user to access the Technorati search engine from any website they are currently reading. Add the bookmarklet as a bookmark in your browser. Surf your favorite site. Find a topic on that site your curious about. What are others saying about this topic? Highlight the words on that website that describe the topic. Access your “Technorati This” bookmark. The Technorati Search Engine page will open and search the words that you highlighted. Pretty Nifty. Keep in mind this search is CURRENT postings. That means in an hour if you searched those terms again, you will get different results. Technorati also allows you to search by tags. A tag is essentially the name of a category. When you post something to your Blog, you generally assign it to a category. You can search for blog posts by category using the following syntax: tag: . So if you wanted to look for any posts that might be in a category called ‘computers’, type tag:computers in the Technorati search engine. Again this is cool, though since there is no standard for category names you might not find exactly what you are looking for. Plus people may post items in the wrong category etc. Now if Technorati were smart, they would offer a keyword tool like Overture, excuse me, Yahoo Search Marketing, that displays how many searches occurred on a given keyword phrase for a given month. Bloggers could then optimize their categories and their blogs. You get the idea?

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