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Today, this blog was approved by payingpost.
Although my other blog was approved before, I think this would earn me more because this blog has higher visitors.
Since my blog is all about earning money online, I've finally decided to add "Pay Per Postings" as an option. I know a lot of bloggers really recommend this altertive because if you've got talent on writing, why not give it a shot. With my Alexa Ranking getting higher everyday (as of now its currently 390,088 and i'm quite overwhelmed because its only in a span of 3 months), I'm really looking forward that I will be earning from this new medium. I will be adding more sites that pay people to blog in the coming days and hopefully sharing it with you guys.

I wanna thank all the people who visited, visiting, and will be visiting in the coming days. You guys are the ones who keep me going. I don't wanna get cheezy or anything now. Hehe! Hope you guys continue to support me in my venture on earning money online!

Thanks and GODBLESS!

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Anonymous said... @ February 18, 2009 at 2:54 PM

Sudah dapet berapa dolar nih dari ngeblog?

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