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E-mail Update:

"Mark of vLinx.

Sorry if I haven't send out updates for such a long time.
We have been very busy with our Workfor3Dollars.com and
Bux-Matrix websites. However, our payment records shows-up
that we have never missed a payout.. And this is the most
important thing.

Also, we have answered to all your support request in a timely
manner and fixed all what was necessary to be fixed.

vLinx have had a discrete growth during these 8 months online.
The fact that the growth has not been very fast has to be intended
as a very good news because it allowed us to carefully plan our work.

We keep paying fast, usually within 24 hours of the request of
both, free and Pro members.

Starting from 5th of March, there will be some prices update:

Upgrade 3 months will be brought to $23
Upgrade 6 months will be brought to $35
Upgrade 12 months will be brought to $59

Upgrade now and save money!!

There is a special price on our 5000 visits; they
are sold at $29 instead of $49 for THIS WEEK ONLY!

There are also some referrals to be rented.

Finally, we have added a new Jackpot; the Fast-Jackpot.
There are only 49 numbers in this jackpot and You could
win up o $5.00 each time!"

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