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Admin says:

"We ran yesterday the cronjob to credit your referral's earnings (except direct referral"s earnings which are updated instantly), so you must see an increase of your earnings today. If at 8TH March 2009, this Sunday), you have still a very important number of inactive referrals please post here. But only 8TH March 2009, not before.

Tomorrow, we will add more 5 or 7 days to your rented referrals expiring date. So instead to keep your rented referrals during 30 days, you will keep them for 35 or 37 days, we will choose the number of days (5 or 7) tomorrow Smiley It's a compensation for the bugs that ProsperBux had.

Apparently the referral link of few users doesn't work, it will be solved in the next hours. We will add missing direct referrals when this problem will be solved.

Now there are 6 Ads to click for Standard Members and more for Premium members. Smiley Keep clicking and support us Smiley

We lowered again the premium status price, now it's 24.00$, so hurry up because it's juste for this week-end Smiley Don't forget that you will earn x2 of your referral's click, 0.01$ instead of 0.005$."

(source: PalmBux Forum)

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