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Title says it all.
Yes folks, you read it right!
I am slashing down 50% off 125x125 box ads for my first 7 advertisers.
For a very low price of $10, you get 1 month exposure here on E-Pera™
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Take note that this promo will be available only to the first 7 advertisers.
After that I will change back to the original price. ($20)

This blog has decent traffic from all over the world and definitely will be increasing more on the days to come.
You can check out my sitemeter for reference on this blog's traffic info.

For inquiries, you can e-mail me at bogcess@ymail.com
Payment methods are done via Paypal, Alertpay, or G-Cash

(Note: G-Cash payment method is available for philippine advertisers that don't have paypal or alertpay accounts. number will be released to serious advertisers only).

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