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Admin says:

Rental balance
  • Smaller transfers from main balance
Now users can transfer from their main balance to their rental balance in multiples of 10 cents ($0.10) instead of $1

Referral listing
  • Gray info icon
Now all users who haven't clicked for the last 15 days will show a grayed info icon in the referral listing. There was no need to show an empty chart.

  • Added the date sort on the topic creation.
  • Fixed a flaw where it showed topics older than the time specified in your personal settings.
  • Added a total of topics and posts at the end of the forum/topics listing
  • Global maintenance which lead to a significant speed increase overall
  • The usual polishing here and there

I'm really looking forward on the full potential of this new Neobux feature. Hopefully lots of members will enjoy this and benefit from it.

(source: Neobux Forum)

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PinoyDeal said... @ April 16, 2009 at 11:43 AM

friend hows money making so far? miss ko na usapan natin ah. hehee..

i added you in my blogroll. hope you can add me too. my sites:

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