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On the initial stage of creating a website or a blog, promotions or marketing is a great factor in gaining visitors. You have to exert much effort in letting everyone acknowledge that your site exists. One effective tool are Blog directories. Blog Directories are collection of website links which are categorized according to the content niche.

Website links included on blog directories are manually submitted and categorized. They can mostly be accessed without any cost. You just have to ensure that your web link are categorized accordingly and only once per blog category since Google can penalize such wrongdoings. Repercussions will affect your rankings and simultaneous with your number of visitors.

It is also not enough to consider if one is a free web directory but should also ensure that they are SEO friendly web directory. By doing so, you can ensure that your strategies are both effective and efficient. Other points that should be well thought-out are the reliability of the directory and the number of links included. They should be either bear a recommendation or have acquired a high percentage of the market. You can also optimize your target market by choosing a web directory that offers loads of web links.

You could increase you site traffic by submitting your link on as many web directories that you can find. You should also prioritize those which are highly recognized. One of the most dominant in the field is the Yahoo directory. There are also some web directories that focus on specific genres or categories. You should as well take into account those web directories that specifically render on your related field. Say for instance your website or blog particularly delve on business, the prevailing web directory would be business.com.

Upon your registration on a web directory, your web link will, in most cases, be included on their list for as long as you want. This will continuously have an effect in increasing your traffic as they provide back links but always back it up with providing quality content for your readers.


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