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In my days of inactivity here, I noticed a huge trim down on my ptc list.

Only a few we're left standing tall.

It made me realize that clicking on ptc sites has its sheer luck when it comes to succeeding on this field of money making over the internet.

In my case, I have accepted the fact that ptc is just not for me.

Yes, it helped me..

It actually became my stepping stone and opened a whole lot of earning opportunities for me.

For my readers here, don't worry..

I have other plans for this blog.

I will still continue clicking on ptc sites that were left listed here.

E-Pera's PTC Mainlist

I also deleted the following sites:

(turned scam)


(I can't click them anymore for personal reasons. But there not yet scams.)

If you have time and want to know about all the latest technology today, you can check out my latest blog Technochase.com

'til next time guys!

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Anonymous said... @ August 5, 2009 at 2:29 PM

Sayang ang PR2 :D Akin nalang, ha haha..

Anyway, got an award for you here: http://myunrevealedthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/08/kreativ-blogger-award.html

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