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After months of being busy, I finally got the time to rework this blog. I don't want to be sentimental or anything, but I've come to realize that this blog is the one that gave me real money. The one that made it possible to continue what I'm doing.. The one that funded all my website bills (advertising, domains and hostings). My main provider ever since. Starting out from ptc, to paid postings, to ads, and soon to various sponsorships. It was this blog eversince. It's time to repay the favor. Once again, I am back on track!

Back on Track

I realized a lot of important things. That being busy is not an excuse! Being blank what to write is not an excuse! Being simply lazy is definitely not an excuse! I love blogging and I love to share! That's enough reason to continue to do this! I have to do what I love to do.

In the following days, I'll be posting lots of stuff here. Mainly focusing on the various ways on online money making ofcourse. I'll be adding website and seo tips for my fellow bloggers. To share what I've learnt back in the days that I was not able to update this blog.

Also I am now ready to accept website creating jobs. So if you need a website, you can hire me to set it up for you. Fees and Packages to be posted soon. Both Wordpress and Blogspot for the mean time. I guess that's all for now.

Stay tuned and have a Happy Holy Week to all!


StarMars said... @ March 29, 2010 at 10:53 AM

I have yet to try paid posts. It's good to know that you're earning from this blog.

Hope we can network with each other.

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