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Are you tired of frequently deleting unwanted facebook application posts on your wall? Instead of deleting them one by one, just block the application source.

Yesterday I got a lot of search queries regarding the Candid Camera Prank issue on facebook and are asking on how to block such applications.

I'll give a short and concise tutorial on how to finally oppose such malicious applications.

First, find the certain wall post spam on your profile.

Block Facebook Application Step 1

Click on the application source icon.

Block Facebook Application Step 2

Upon clicking that icon, it'll take you to the application page.

Block Facebook Application Step 3

Click the "Block Application" button.

Block Facebook Application Step 4

Confirm that you indeed want to block the certain application.

Block Facebook Application Step 5

Congratulations! You have successfully blocked the application!

Block Facebook Application Step 6

Don't forget to take time to write a review about your experience or thoughts about that application on why you blocked them to help other facebook users know more about it. Just click the "Reviews" tab and compose your review.

Block Facebook Application Step 7

I've also learned that some applications just get reapplied, so it's best to check your facebook wall from time to time for unwanted posts and just block them again to keep your wall clean and spam free.


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