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This is a complete list of the upcoming holidays due to the 2010 Philippine Elections starting on May 10.

  • May 10 - Monday - Election Day
  • May 11 - Tuesday - Failure of Elections
  • May 12 - Wednesday - Protest Rally
  • May 13 - Thursday - People Power
  • May 14 - Friday - Martial Law
  • May 15-16 - Saturday and Sunday - Happy Weekend!

I got this from one of my friends on facebook and thought it would be a great idea to share it with my fellow filipinos and have a great laugh.

I got your hopes a little high didn't I? Hahaha! Don't get mad at me now.

But kidding aside, tomorrow is election day. The first time that philippines will undergo an automated system voting. Be sure to follow the guidelines and ofcourse..

Vote Wisely


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