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Today I successfully loaded credits to my mobile phone using netload central.

Netload Central

Last June 4, 2010 I bought a P100 Smart Call Card that is priced at $2.72 from Netload Central using my paypal account.

Since it is my first time purchasing from them, I am required to email them a screenshot of my transaction details. (You only have to do this for your first time.)

Voila! Today they sent me my e-pin via email. I loaded it just like I bought a call card from a store. (1510 + 14 digit pin then press send)

My take on this:

This is ideal if you want to load credits at the comfort of your own home or basically anywhere in the world you might be. It would be the same even if you buy the card from a store. Call Card cost + Transportation Fare + Effort on buying is almost the same equivalent. Unless ofcourse you'll just buy it from across the street or you're simply feeling diligent and want the extra exercise to go out and buy.

The reason why netload central took 3 days before sending me the e-pin is because they said that they've just recovered from technical problems with their servers which also affected their verification system. But if there weren't any problems, sending it would just be 10-15 minutes after purchase since I have a verified paypal user. (non-verified users will take around 48 hours before receiving the e-pin on their email)

My tip for users who want to buy efficiently here is that before your credits expire or run out, make sure you buy additional credits like 2-3 days or atleast a day before to avoid any delay.

Overall, buying credits online was a great experience! Definitely this site is not a scam. I am looking forward on buying bigger denominations next time.

Have you bought e-credits from this website too?


Anonymous said... @ July 4, 2010 at 11:47 AM

yah nakakainis tagal mag load hold ko muna payment scam yata to na site

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