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Ara-Bux Update
Admin says:

"Over the last few months we have introduced many changes to ARA-Bux to help us become a sustainable site. Slowly, we are seeing these kick in. As our workload increases, we are continuously working to improve our system!

Advertising Offer
We have just launched our latest advertisement offer. Most advertisement plans have been HALVED - yes HALVED (!) in price. New advertising prices are as follows:
100 Member Visits @ $1.99
500 Member Visits @ $9.99
1,000 Member Visits @ $17.99
2,500 Member Visits @ $37.99
5,000 Member Visits @ $64.99
10,000 Member Visits @ $72.50
50,000 Member Visits @ $329.99
100,000 Member Visits @ $734.99
500,000 Member Visits @ $3649.99
1,000,000 Member Visits @ $7999.99

With this offer, members can get advertising for as low as $0.0079 per visit! This offer is by far one of our best ever offers and must not be ignored!!!

New Referrals Limits
Effective immediately, we have introduced a limit to the number of direct and rented referrals members can have. By doing this, we are restricting outflow to certain members who are "leeching" from ARA-Bux, and hence giving the majority of our members a better chance of earning money. By limiting rented referrals, we also ensure that there is a continuous supply of active referrals.

The limits will be as follows:
Standard members: 50 direct/500 rented referrals.
Premium members: 250 direct/1500 rented referrals.
If you reach a limit, you will not be able to gain anymore direct referrals and/or will not be able to rent any referrals.
All members now have an option to remove referrals from their account to free up inactive referrals.
Members who already have or have more than the above limits, are required to remove excessive referrals by 13th April 2009. Any excessive referrals still left on this date, will be removed by staff.
These changes are also now in our TOS."

(source: Ara-Bux Forum)

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