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Banner prices at You-Cubez have changed.

The cost for a 1 week sitwide banner (either 468x60 or 300x250 - non-incentivised traffic) is now just £1.00 per week for Premium Members and £3.00 per week for Standard Members.

There will only ever be a maximum of 10 banners in rotation, but you may purchase extra banner slots to increase exposure. (To prevent your banner being in rotation, simply purchase all 10 banner slots from just £10.00/week!)

With approx. 50,000 page impressions day*, advertising with a banner at You-Cubez.com will cost less than 3p CPM (Premium Members) and 9p CPM (Standard Members).

Banner slots are selling out fast, so if you're looking for some cheap banner advertising we recommend that you order sooner than later to prevent having to wait for addtional slots to become free.

CPM = Cost per thousand impressions.

* No. of impressions may vary from day to day.

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