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Admin says:


More informations come here :

Referrals Earnings (For bought and Rented Referrals) : We finished the new file to credit your for your rented - bought referrals and we ran it (It added to your account 3 days missing of referral's click), you must see an important increase of your balance. So now it's solved.

Recycle System - We are still working on it, we don't understand what is the problem, because we tried to re-code whole script but it still doesn't work. We will work on it tomorrow again. We hope that it will be ready in the next days. We are really sorry but we are doing our possible.

Cashout System - It's not instant for the next two weeks or maybe less because we are developping some other features to catch cheaters, but don't worry you will be paid fast.

Remember : Premium Members will be paid within 72 hours and other members within 5 days (but generally in one day).

If you are experiencing any problem, please send a mail here : webmaster@prosperbux.com , please do not post in Forums because we are clearing the forum right now.

We are really apologize, but don't worry we will try to solve all problems during the next week Smiley


(source: ProsperBux Forum)

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