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Early this morning upon checking my referral clicks, i noticed an unusual colored bar on the top of my referral list.

I call it the "NeoBar"!

As soon as i saw this, i immediately checked the forum of Neobux.
Here is what the admin has to say:

  • 1. Colored rows
Mimicking the functionality of Xargoon's GreaseMonkey Script, you'll now be able to color your referrals listing rows based on activity.
You have a slider with 2 thresholds where you can define the average in which the colors will change.
Highlighting only occurs when the referrals have been yours for more than 24 hours.
You'll be able to Apply, Save (also applies) or Disable the coloring.
Very straight forward.
NOTE: Only for Safari, Opera and Firefox

  • 2. Averages and clicks
Averages and clicks refer now to all the clicks your referrals made since they are yours.
Now, on the clicks column, if all of your referral clicks have been credited, you'll see the number of clicks (for example "100").
If some clicks haven't been credited, you'll see how many were credited of the total made (for example "99 of 100").
It will be easier to spot differences right away.
The ordering of the clicks will only be available for the total of clicks.
The average will only appear for referrals that have been yours for more than 24 hours.

  • 3. Misc.
Some minor visual changes.
Some small redundant errors fixed.

(source: Neobux Forum)

I guess this explains why Neobux was having 502's earlier.
I hope this will be a big help for members.

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