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"Was this blog helpful?"

I started this poll nearly 2 weeks ago.

Ending the poll yesterday, I got a total of 16 votes. Few, but quite reasonable.
Here are the results:

I was pretty happy with the results I had.
I thank the 12 people who voted "Yes, its very informative!". It really made me smile to think that 3 months ago, I started from scratch and didn't know anything about blogging and all. Now I'm slowly making progress.
I'd like to thank even more the 4 people who voted "No, not really." because it gave me the urge to do better next time and that i must improve all aspects regarding this profession. From the topic, writing, design, etc. I'll try to improve it more.
Once again, thank you for the people who voted.
Please support my upcoming posts and polls yet to come.
Thanks and GODBLESS!

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