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Admin says:

We're introducing a new kind of advertisements.
We call them the "Mini Exposure" advertisements.

These advertisements were designed to help users and advertisers.
They're very cheap and provide lower earnings.

They're available in the following packs and prices:
  • 500 clicks = $5.00
  • 1000 clicks = $9.00
  • 2000 clicks = $17.00
  • 5000 clicks = $40.00

They have the following major differences:
  • Must be viewed for 15 seconds
  • Users receive $0.005 per click
  • No referral commissions
  • No demographic filtering
  • No user filtering
  • No categorization
  • Won't count towards TOS 3.7
  • Won't show in the clicks charts (but will count has clicks for the user)
  • Won't show the badge on top with the number of unclicked advertisements

This new exposure is an addition to the current ones and provides more benefits for casual advertisers as well as to all the users who like every advertisement they can get.

It will appear at the bottom of the listing with a "Mini Exposure Advertisements" category.

The new clicks order or expiration (if you have more than one type of click in your advertisements):
  • Extended Exposure
  • Standard Exposure
  • Mini Exposure

Enjoy the new advertisement possibilities.
As always, after each click pack purchase, you need to wait 24 hours to get the clicks credited to your account.

I've setup a demo advertisement for a few hours just directing to this post so that users know about the new opportunities.

If you encounter any bug, please submit it.

(source: Neobux Forum)

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