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I've seen the worst account management in NeoBux history.
We're have I seen it? Everywhere.

So, either you like it or not, I'm here to teach you about account management.
In this first class, we'll be learning how to recycle.

So, grab a seat, a mug of coffee and read on...

Recycle: This is the most powerful tool you can have to enhance your earnings.
It's so powerful that is being completely misused.

Let's start with the story behind the recycling process...
Whenever you recycle a referral, you get a new one. No surprises here.
The referral that got fired, isn't tossed to the lions. After 15 days of being recycled, if his/her activity is back on the general rule of 10 clicks in 5 days, that user goes back to the rental distribution and can be rented or exchanged by another user again.
My in-depth analysis shows that 61% of the recycled referrals are indeed good users after those 15 days (I don't count the solitary days).
This clearly shows that many users are being recycled like crazy.

There are many types of people in this world and yes, like in Noah's Ark, we have a couple of each species.

There are the excellent clickers: A good and hard-working user who religiously never misses a day of clicking. These are hard to find, especially when they have no referrals to work for.

There are the once-upon-a-time clickers: We can easily divide these in two groups: The ones that click every other day (either because they click twice in a day or because they share an account) and the ones that click half (or about) the minimum advertisements available (also account sharing takes place as many daily normal activities people have with friends and family).

There are the never-never clickers: These are the funny ones. They register but either never login or login but never click. These mostly come from referral's exchange and are here just to look at the funny pretty colors.

There are click-and-got-tired clickers: These ones click on the first day(s) and then, all of the sudden, they get tired. Usually, it's not a wrist strain or a non working mouse but the deception of seeing only 1 cent per click. Daddy always gives them more as an allowance.

There are the I-got-my-wife/mother-in-law/dog/boss on my back ones: These are the folks you see in the street rushing to work in the morning and getting home late at night. They do try to click but fail sometimes because there's something else more important to do.

There are the crazy ones: These are classified as miscellaneous behavior individuals... you never know what they'll do next.

So, after this mini classification, you'll see that everyone has their own life and ambitions.
We have hundreds of users daily requesting us to reopen their accounts because they've been suspended because of being inactive for more than 30 days. Besides the usual hospitalization justification, the second one is always "I got scammed in PTC nr 195782 or in PTC nr 840932.
This means that a bad clicker or inactive user can become an excellent one or, sometimes, it's just the other way around.

This leads me to the account management itself.
Most users recycle referrals as they were part of the same religion or soccer team. Trust me, they're not!
There is no "this works for everyone" strategy. No universal solution for the good management mystery. But, there is something that you can do in your account that you do each day in numerous situations in your life: judge!
You take a walk down the street and you see people, right? Either you like it or not, you judge them. But, until you know them, you judge them based on pre-defined ideals. You separate them by sex, weight, hair color, etc. How many times have you classified someone as bad and got to be their friend and enjoy their company?
Referrals are people too... and most of you keep making the same mistakes over and over again as you do in real life.
Get to know your referrals better. Try to imagine each one as a person and analyze their clicking behavior. This will lead you to understand if they're just playing around or really want to be good users but can't.
One by one is a hard task for those who many referrals... I never said it would be easy.
Like being a boss of a 3 people company is way easier than being a boss for a multinational factory with thousands of workers. The more you have, the more you have to work.

And now, let's take a quick look at the free recycle.
It's good, right? Free is always nice.
But, here free can cost you... a lot! Many users use this free recycling as a way of saving but, most of them are not saving but losing in the end.
It's very simple. You rent a referral for $0.20 (example). This means that for 14 days, this referral cost you around $0.10, correct?
So, are you letting him be paid for doing nothing for 14 days and get a new one for free or are you going to recycle him/her?
In the first option, while you don't pay a thing to have that referral recycled, you've lost $0.10.
If you've recycled him/her in the first place, you'd only lose $0.08 and would have 14 days where most likely the new user would have clicked some advertisements thus making you earn.
See the difference? Think about it.

Please, don't stare and drool at other users statistics.
You're as good as they are.
You have the tools and you need to use them.
Referrals are real persons... active, lazy, caffeine addicted and sometimes ugly.
So, waste a little more time. You'll be working towards a better goal: your profit.

Hope these tips will enlighten you on how to optimize your management.
Happy earnings!

(source: Neobux Forum)

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amalux DC said... @ March 21, 2009 at 2:18 PM

Hi, lets see if I got it...
If I have referrals that don´t click they will be recycled and I don´t have to recycle them by my self?
I already recycled some that didn´t click on ads but you say that I should leave them untill neobux recycle them for inactivity?
Please clarify me!


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