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Fourth commenter gets $100 cash! Third commenter gets $250 cash! Second commenter gets $500 cash! And the first commenter gets the grand prize, $1000 cash! Hurry! Comment now! What are you waiting for? What? What's that, you realized something? That there is something special about this day? Oh.. Yeah! That's right! You've been pranked! Bwahaha! Today is April 1st, 2010! APRIL FOOLS DAY! I got you pretty much excited didn't I? Well, sorry to disappoint you guys. I'm not really giving away paypal cash. Who knows, maybe in the near future I might.. So stay tuned for that.

I wanna greet you guys a HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!

April Fools Day

Also take note that the holy week is taking part aswell. Let's give time to reflect, repent, and realize how lucky we are breathing the air in this wonderful world instead of booking vacations! Ouch!

Don't get pranked again today! This one is enough. LOL!

Be safe everyone!


Anonymous said... @ April 2, 2010 at 3:19 AM

haha. you got me alright. :))=))

Rhica said... @ November 27, 2010 at 9:00 AM


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