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The time of the year has come once again! April Fools Day 2010! Neobux this year has it's own prank on it's members. Unlike last year's prank, this one really seemed believable.

After logging in to my account, I directly went to view my available advertisements to click.

Neobux April Fools 2010

I noticed that aside from my regular 4 advertisements per day as a standard member, there is a special one available to click.

The ad description says,

Earn $1000 instantly!
This offer is only valid for the first users that view this advertisement correctly!

Wow! Catchy isn't it? So I immediately clicked on it and the anti-bot clicker red dot button appeared to confirm I am a human being.

Neobux April Fools 2010

After clicking the red button, instead of opening a new tab on my browser.. a smiley appeared. Yes, it's a smiley! At first I thought it was kinda cute so I just clicked on it and thought maybe it'll open the advertisement this time so I could get my $1000 cash.

Neobux April Fools 2010

But everytime I tried hovering my mouse pointer on it, it quickly changes its position!
It actually evades efficiently my mouse pointer!

I then realized that neobux was only pranking since it is after all april fools. After a few seconds of numerous attempting and not being able to click that certain advert, the smiley laughed! As if it was making fun of me! Geeez!

Neobux April Fools 2010

So I just clicked the other ads instead.

While clicking the others, I noticed that the smiley even got bored mainly because I wasn't able to click it.

Neobux April Fools 2010

Way to go neobux! I'm wondering what you have in store next year.. If you're still around that is. Haha! Just kiddin'!

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