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Since my other blog got hacked almost a week ago, I was very anxious that it can happen again anytime soon.

And it did! Fucking hackers!

They infected my database and inserted this malicious code on my footer:


Malicious Script Code

Unlike last time that took me 7 hours to fix, this only took me 20 minutes to fix everything. Pretty fancy huh?

But this is very alarming because after I restored everything when I first got hacked, I also managed to replace all my passwords to atleast prevent my blog from being hacked again. But somehow the hackers still managed to do so..

Jeez! GoDaddy, please fix your system! Good thing I always check my site regularly for malicious codes! It's like a phobia! What if I don't then?!

And for the hackers, I dare you to hack me again! Your skills are useless! FUCK ALL OF YOU!


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