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Friendster launches its newest addition, Games.

I personally think that the games are not bad. Although not as popular as before, friendster struggles very hard to reclaim their glory against other social medias. This addition might help boost their current rankings as you have more reason to hang out with them!

As friendster would like to say:

Take your gaming to the next level with Friendster Games.

Just like facebook games, Friendster Games runs right in your browser. No downloads needed and they are FREE for life!

What's more cool is they are giving away a free Apple iPad! All you need to do is to play Boomz or War2.

Win an iPad - Friendster Games

Contest runs from May 7 to June 3, 2010 and is open to all its members in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia only.

To give you an idea if playing friendster games is worth it, check out the videos below:

WAR2 is a casual MMO web-based game that will bring players way back to the era of the Second World War. Players will act as a military commander, occupy a city, survive and develop during the war. Ultimately, the player's goal is to establish stable and powerful forces. Players will establish urban management, production, research and trading system, and use the military or diplomatic means to interact with other players.

BOOMZ is a cute casual web-based MMOG which does not require any downloads or installation. Simply logon to the web site and start playing the game. BoomZ has enchanting images, fairy tale scenes and fashionable costumes ?which would easily attract female gamers. Its magnificent special effects, skill challenges and interesting gadget system makes it a popular game amongst the male gamers.

Do you think you'd play these games and win the ipad?


War2 Mayor said... @ January 1, 2011 at 11:14 PM

I started playing War2 on Friendster the moment they recruit players using the Ipad promo, but I am not really into the price. Just want to try the game..

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