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Today I was surprised to see one of my affliate banners (neobux specifically) changed appearance.

Neobux Banner Transition

At first I thought it was because I was hosting my images on google sites and that it received such penalty because the message on the banner says "Paid-to-Click Service" and had an X mark logo on it.

But I then realized that I didn't host the specific neobux banner there and that I used the one that neobux provided. So I began to think something is going on so I just visited the website to answer my curiosity.

Then this is what I saw..

Neobux New Homepage

Pretty fancy huh?

I tried logging in this morning and saw numerous improvements! It even welcomed me with a personal message! LOL!

Neobux Welcome Message

So what do I think about it? Personally I'm loving the new user interface. However I'm not liking the new banners because I think it does not somehow blend with its niche. Overall the site is a thumbs up for me!

This just proves how neobux is seriously improving its services for their memebers to enjoy!

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