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Eversince I wrote the article about the controversial Barack Obama - Hillary Clinton Scandal, I've been getting a lot of emails on how to remove this malicious koobface virus that originated from facebook.

Obama - Clinton Scandal

Basically I will just give you simple tips. Prevention is still better than cure.

If you see this application lurking on your wall, delete it right away to prevent other people specially your friends on clicking it and get infected too.

If you did click the application, normally facebook's security will ask a permission on whether or not you'd like that certain app to gain access to your account. Deny it at once. That message should've given you a hint right away that the app should not be trusted because it is asking to gather sensitive information. That alone is enough reason why!

If ever you do get infected by the virus, block the application and report it.

Lastly, get a premium anti-virus (don't go for free ones as they won't do the job right) and scan all your system.

Bottomline is be careful on clicking facebook applications on your wall. Not because it is recommended by a trusted friend and it is labeled as "Scandal" it means you'll have to click on it right away to satisfy your curiosity.

This applies not only for facebook, but to other social networking sites aswell.

What about you? What did you do when you encountered this?


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