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Yahoo recently launched a new ad campaign ($75-$85 million ad campaign (a subset of the $100 million campaign CEO Carol Bartz launched last year) telling people that they got all you need on a homepage.

The slogan goes:

“Your favorite stuff all in one place. Make Yahoo your home page.”

YahooPersonally I think that the video does its job just fine, but the site does not. After the user opens the window, there you'll see a blank page where you can't figure out where your eyes should go. Typically too much to see, nothing to look at.

Plus I think someone should inform yahoo that google has a nice feature called iGoogle. You can customize the look and feel of your homepage the way you want it. The best thing is, it doesn't have advertisements!

I think the reason why google's homepage is a success is because of its clean and uncluttered interface. Users get what they want when they search something and not some rubbish that other search engines return.

But I'm not closing my doors on yahoo. They are working more and more to improve their system and reclaim the top spot. After all, it is one of the big SEOs in the business and is definitely an advantage to have your website listed on its search.

What about you guys, what is your homepage? What do you think of yahoo's new ad campaign? Will it be a success?


Gee said... @ May 7, 2010 at 9:01 PM

hmmm... yahoo also offers some customizations on your homepage. you can add them through the My Favorites button and you can arrange the layout as well. it's basically like iGoogle. i'm using both actually.

bdw, thanks for the visit in my blog. have a great weekend ahead!

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